Toronto A-CAES Facility

About the project

With the completion of the Toronto Island Demonstration Facility in 2015, Hydrostor developed the world’s first, grid connected adiabatic-CAES facility with utility host Toronto Hydro. The purpose of the facility was to demonstrate the technology and provide an ongoing testbed, with a potential long-term role as reserve power for Toronto Island. The facility demonstrated A-CAES’ ability to play a significant role in the long-duration energy storage market globally.

  • Location: Toronto Island, Ontario, Canada
  • Utility Host: Toronto Hydro
  • Application: Technical demonstration, R&D
  • In-service: 2015

The Toronto Island facility achieved its primary objectives, including:

The viability and benefits of a hydrostatically compensated air storage, which includes a near constant pressure regardless of charge state and a reduced storage volume. For this purpose, the air was stored in underwater air storage vessels approximately 180 feet below the surface of Lake Ontario.

The ability to use standard, off the shelf compressors and turbines in a constant pressure compressed air energy storage process.

The performance of an adiabatic process in terms of round trip efficiency, response time, ramp rate, and cycle life.