Our Projects

Hydrostor has a variety of projects in operation or under development, as well as a pipeline of large-scale A-CAES projects representing over 6 GW and 65+ GWh of deployment potential in the USA, Canada, Chile and Australia, with significant global project potential across many other markets.

Rosamond A-CAES Project

The Rosamond A-CAES Project is a full scale Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage (A-CAES) facility that is under active development in the United States. The proposed facility will provide 500 MW of capacity, turning California’s growing solar and wind resources into on-demand peaking capacity while allowing for the closure of emitting fossil fuel generating stations and maximizing transmission system utilization.

Goderich A-CAES Facility

The Goderich A-CAES Facility, located in Goderich, Ontario, Canada, is the world’s first commercially contracted Advanced-CAES facility. The plant is contracted by Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) for peaking capacity, ancillary services, and full participation in the merchant energy market to support grid reliability.

Toronto A-CAES Facility

With the completion of the Toronto Island Demonstration Facility in 2015, Hydrostor developed the world’s first, grid connected adiabatic CAES facility with utility host Toronto Hydro.


Project Pipeline