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‘Urgent need’ for Australia to invest in long-duration energy storage, says AEMO https://www.energy-storage.news/urgent-need-for-australia-to-invest-in-long-duration-energy-storage-says-aemo/ #energystorage

100% wind and solar power cheaper than burning #coal or #naturalgas? Why an underground cavern is the future of clean energy! Learn from our Co-Founder and CEO, @CurtisVanWall, how Hydrostor's #compressedair #battery can enable #reliable #grid #modernization around the world.


@Hydrostor's game-changing energy storage solution is helping supply the world with clean energy — even when the sun has set and the winds have died down.

. @Hydrostor plans to build the world’s largest compressed-air #Energy storage project in #California. @3CEnergy signed a 25-year contract to buy power from the facility. Learn more about how it could store #Energy for decades without losing efficiency http://ow.ly/e1T250Mwy59

California was looking for a clean energy solution and they found the answer in Toronto-based @Hydrostor. Read more about how the company's energy storage technology will be used in a nearly $1 billion proposed project.


Huge news for clean energy: @3CEnergy has signed a $775-million contract for the world’s largest compressed air storage project, to be built by @Hydrostor deep underground in Southern California.

Could be a game-changer. My scoop for @latimes: https://www.latimes.com/environment/newsletter/2023-01-12/this-giant-underground-battery-is-a-1-billion-clean-energy-solution-boiling-point

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