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Recently, @tomrand joined @YahooFinance to talk to about Canada's net-zero future.

Tune into the full conversation here:

We are incredibly excited to be sharing our #EnergyExpert series. Each week, we will be recognizing and highlighting some amazing individuals in our #energystorage community. Stay tuned!

Do you have questions about our technology? Find your answers here: https://www.hydrostor.ca/faq/

“Not only are we providing a clean, reliable and affordable long duration energy storage solution, we’re also providing Californian workers and suppliers a more direct opportunity to be part of the clean energy transition,” as shared by @energystoragenw: https://www.energy-storage.news/news/hydrostor-plans-massive-deployment-of-compressed-air-storage-in-california

A positive look at our green #energygrid by #energyexpert @DavidBakerSF here: https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/a-green-grid-by-2035-new-report-says-were-halfway-there

What does A-CAES mean? It stands for Advanced Compressed Air Energy Storage. It incorporates the best technologies of compressed air and pumped hydro, with zero emissions and a dramatically smaller location footprint, meaning it can be sited where the grid needs support.

We're advancing long-duration #energystorage in California with the development of 1,000 MW of storage across two projects. Learn more about our long-term, grid-scale solution from @ClimateSolns @Forbes

Canada's @Hydrostor set to develop 1 GW of long duration energy storage in California https://bit.ly/2QxF481

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