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We at @storage_ESA applaud @WaysMeansCmte advancing #storageITC & other measures to accelerate clean energy deployment. Critical to ensure policy supports the unprecedented pace of deployment needed to decarbonize the power system by 2035 (like #DirectPay) https://energystorage.org/esa-statement-on-house-ways-means-markup-and-storage-itc/

"In the long run, having more renewable electricity on our system while controlling overall demand will help mitigate against international commodity spikes." - More from Paul Deane in @rte


#energystorage #renewables #infrastructure #longduration #ACAES

"A CEPP that doesn't incentivize the deployment of these technologies (advanced geothermal, long-duration energy storage, tidal power, and small nuclear plants) will ultimately stall along the path to net-zero emissions beyond 2030." @UtilityDive


Exhibit A for an RD&D/early deployment program for long duration energy storage.

A sudden slowdown in wind-driven electricity production off the coast of the U.K. in recent weeks whipsawed through regional energy markets and caused prices to rocket https://www.wsj.com/articles/energy-prices-in-europe-hit-records-after-wind-stops-blowing-11631528258

Illinois gets 100% clean energy policy, including ‘Coal to Solar and Storage’ funding https://zpr.io/UC9LKzG5eJUT #energystorage

It's great to see ESC Members like @Hydrostor leading in #EnergyStorage. The ability to borrow tech from existing industries is part of what makes storage such a great addition to #Canada's energy mix. | #FridayFact #Reliability #Sustainability | https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/hydrostors-big-energy-storage-tech-is-kind-of-boring-says-ceo-144909762.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw&tsrc=twtr

Tell #Congress that the #StorageITC enables our grid to be more resilient, creates good jobs, and modernizes our power system. Contact your representative today: https://p2a.co/stucazn

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